What should I get my boyfriend for Valentines in 2021? , Juvenex Spa & Massage Gift card in New York NY, NYC

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Don’t forget to treat your loved ones to a gift of relaxation and serenity. Call today at 646-733-1330 to purchase holiday gift cards. Email delivery is available! Happy holidays to our wonderful clients!


What can I gift my husband on Valentine’s Day in 2021?, Juvenex Spa & Massage Gift card in New York NY, NYC

Don’t worry about what to present to your lover on Valentine’s Day. Would you like to have a romantic time with your wife or husband who loves Valentine’s Day in 2021? Our Juvenex SPA & Massage is here to help. Create sweet luck memories you will never forget for your lover. Have a spa and massage together with two of you, it will be a very pleasant day, Don’t hesitate, call us, (646) 733-1330. Gift cards are also available. Give it to your beloved husband/wife, it will be the best gift for Valentine’s Day 2021.



What’s a good Valentine’s Day gift in 2021?, Juvenex Spa & Massage Gift card in New York NY, NYC

What should I get my boyfriend for Valentines in 2021? , Juvenex Spa & Massage Gift card in New York NY, NYC

Specialty Treatment Gyno Spa Cure Detox Days Spa The Best Facials Near You in New York NYC, Manhattan, Juvenex Spa Massage

Juvenex Jade Journey Transcend to another time and place as you enter our spectacular 4-phase journey.

  • Phase 1 Begin with the thermal phase where you de-stress and detoxify in the igloo sauna’.
  • Phase 2: Refreshment Next, step into the Diamond Herbal Steam Sauna and the invigorating Cold Rainforest Shower
  • Phase 3: Nourishment Lounge in the Japanese Style soaking tubs laden with Sake, Ginseng, Seaweed, all natural Noni, Neem & Tea Three or any of our other specialty soaks.
  • Phase 4: Detoxification Complete your journey by resting in the baked-clay, low-temperature sauna and relax as it draws the toxins out of your body.



What can I gift my husband on Valentine’s Day in 2021?, Juvenex Spa & Massage Gift card in New York NY, NYC


2021 All-Inclusive Getaway – Inexpensive Weekend Getaways gift card for men, Sport massage for him in Manhattan NYC, New York


Group bookings for 10 or more come with one free service for an extra individual. To book for your group, please contact us at (646) 733-1330 or email us at [email protected].

Romantic Couple Spa & Massage in New York – Experience the charm and beauty of New York’s famous Korean Town from the premier New York spa services. The Juvenex Spa features recently redesigned spa room and provide a luxurious resort-style spa, massage, body scrub and a full-service spa. The perfect location makes us an ideal choice for exploring New York City and nearby Empire state building and Korean town

Juvenex Spa NYC

Premium Gift Cards

Need to show someone they are special? Our gift cards will do just that. An aromatic journey through our hot soaking tubs or a facial designed to rejuvenate and nourish your skin is the perfect way to show your appreciation and love. Available in custom amounts and will ship right to your loved one’s door for an enchanting surprise.

(646) 733-1330

Body Scrub Purification Program


  • 4-Step Juvenex Jade Journey
  • Invigorating Korean Style Salt Glow Scrub
  • Stimulating Hair Shampoo & Conditioning
  • Full Body Cleansing and Skin Nourishment
  • Gentle Facial Cleansing and Garden Fresh Cucumber Mask

Basic Beautification Program


  • 4-Step Juvenex Jade Journey (Sauna, Steam Sauna, Soaking tub, Baked-clay Sauna)
  • Seaweed Facial, Fango Mud Facial or Bacial (Back Facial)
  • Brow Perfection

Our Blog

I have been going to this spa already for almost 5 years. It is truly my favorite spot in the city. I love the fact that Juvenex is open 24 hours a day. It is very clean, they always
serve you with fresh fruits and drinks, and the therapists are very attentive and very sweet. I normally get massages, facials and bikini waxing. Kim is my girl she does magnificent job to my
skin. And her waxing skills are almost painless. She is one of my favorite therapists there. Also I get different kind of massages. The therapists really know what they are doing. Their magic and
firm touch bring me back to life after long hours of work. I truly recommend this place. Never need to stay on line, the therapists are always ready to attend to your needs and they always
provide the best service with a big smile and very professional courtesy.

Alexandra S. | New York, NY

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